About Us

With Sunny International and specialists from Bangladesh and Germany you can implement your Software development, Mobile development, Website development, Game development and Research development services much more efficiently. We advise and support you comprehensively. Work professionally and with the most modern tools. Our coordinator working in Germany and Bangladesh call them to ensure the smooth communication and cooperation between Germany and Bangladesh. With their experience and support you realize your projects highly efficient in multicultural teams and without any legal or administrative burden. Coordinator make your collaboration as close and easy as with your internal staff. This way, together with Sunny International, you can achieve perfect results immediately, even without previous experience and with limited budgets.

We work with English as project language.We have developed special collaboration models, have a broad network and many years of experience and create transparency and the highest quality. This makes Sunny International one of the most reliable consulting and personnel services company in Bangladesh. We offer our customers maximum security, successful projects and significant cost and time advantages.

Our Services

As the on-demand economy escalates and develops, more and more businesses are boarding our ship. At Sunny International we care deeply about quality.

We develop robust applications that render a magnificent experience to your users & brings tangible value to your business.

You have a business but you also need a visionary website development company to give a feasible outcome out of it.

What we are good at


One of the first and foremost exponents of Augmented & Virtual Reality technologies in Bangladesh.

Mobile App Development

The app solution built from our end helps to accomplish the company’s strategic goals, which also helps further in building the exceptional user-interactions while carving an aesthetic appeal.


If you need to make your own customized electronics we are here to support you.We have the resources to make your dream come true.

Game Development

Our skilled professionals build games for various target platforms based on Unity framework.

Website Development

Custom web app development providing seamless user experience and ensure security. With outstanding performance that can increase the chances of your business success.


We can give you a clear idea about your product sustainability .We can suggest you better option and also give clear view about future perspectives.

Meet The Creative Team

  • T M Moniruzzaman Sunny
    Founder,Managing director

    Sunny International

    T M Moniruzzaman Sunny works as the Managing Director of Sunny International as well as Service Provider in Battery Low Interactive Ltd. He is mainly responsible for all of the administrative functions. His responsibilities include developing and maintaining good relationships with customers and employees.

  • Al MahmudService Provider,Sunny International

    Co-Founder & Director of Bit Byte Technology

    Al Mahmud Al Mahmud, Co-Founder & Director of Bit Byte Technology, He was Director of Misfit Technologies Ltd and have 20+ years of experience in project management, System Analysis & business development in IT industry with renowned organizations in Bangladesh & Cyprus. He is successfully completed 100+ project with renowned Banks, Telco,Pharmaceuticals company and e-commerce.

  • Nurul AminService Provider,Sunny International

    Founder & CEO of Bit Byte Technology

    Nurul Amin, Founder and CEO. He has 12+ years of experience in Web development in IT industry with renowned organizations in Bangladesh and the US companies. Completed more than 100+ projects for clients. He also worked on some famous freelance sites like: UpWork, Freelancer.com. He is a tech enthusiast and he love to explore new ideas and new technologies. Also, connect with tech people and learn about new technologies.

  • Minhaz Us Salakeen FahmeService Provider,Sunny International

    Director & CEO of Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

    Minhaz Us Salakeen Fahme serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is one of the cofounders of Battery Low Interactive. He is committed towards facing new challenges and creating something new out of innovative technology. He directs strategic direction, development and future growth of the company.

Why should you outsource?


The main benefit of our outsourcing services is the potential cost savings. The impact of outsourcing is, it helps a company to recognize its revenue and saves a lot when a company decides to outsource any particular service. So now you can easily save a lot and earn more with the help of our outsourcing services.


Hiring a potential employee with special skills can be daunting. Because it requires a lot of time and money. But not anymore. We have experts in every field who will help you to satisfy any digital marketing related requirement. So now instead of spending money on hiring new employees, you can easily outsource based on your needs.


Because of the lack of additional skills, most companies failed to input faster in the market to meet the customers’ demand. But now you can easily meet your target customers requirements through our wide range of outsourcing services. Our outsourcing services will allow you to be more fruitful and help you to deliver faster to the consumer.


Almost everyday new technological era has been introduced. And to adapt to new technology is not easy. It requires a considerable amount of time and training. Our outsourcing service makes your task easy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have experienced manpower who are ready to take any digital marketing emergency of your business.

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Work Process


In this very first step, we mainly establish contact between your organization to us. Communication can build up over the phone or through email. If you find us through our website, you have to fill up our contact us form and after that our administrative will call or email you.


It is the most crucial part of the outsourcing process. We basically gather all the basic information from you and try to understand what your business required mostly at this moment. Also if required, we execute a pilot project.


In this step, after confirmation of the pricing details, you have to provide us the work order. After receiving the work order, signing all the necessary contracts, SLAs and other agreements will take place.


In this step, we provide the necessary training and deployment to the resources to make them ready to conquer your project. Also, the project-based meeting takes place from your behalf to ours. Our selected specialized team will execute and manage the project. Reporting and getting feedback from your behalf would be ongoing.